Friday, November 13, 2009

Girls are Stupid...

Warning:  major Rant ahead.

I just read an unfortunate blog post over at Weddingbee that totally reinforces my idea that either I am a total freak of nature, or everyone else sucks and I’m doomed to feel emotionally isolated from my peers for the rest of my life.  That post is not an isolated incident.  My mom and I have had a lot of rough patches in our relationship, but I really have to thank her for raising me to have intelligence, and a spine.

So many of my girlfriends are in bad relationships with a$%holes. These are pretty level-headed girls in all other facets of their lives other than men. What is it about dudes that makes seemingly reasonable women say, think, and do the dumbest sh@t? It’s like when a guy walks into a girl’s life she changes into this ugly, simpering thing that puts herself aside for this ‘prize’. Why do women let their own morals and beliefs be trumped by the whims of her current prospect? Why do they waver, cower, silence themselves in front of their men in order to please either him or society in general?

I hear a lot of chicks talk it up like they are all about equal opportunity and feminism and all that jazz, but they don’t actually DO anything except b#tch about the state of things. So when I read the above mentioned post I got pretty pissed about what women-in-general think is acceptable and beneficial behavior for our sex, and what is acceptable from the opposite sex when it comes to marriage proposals. It IS, apparently, acceptable to discuss proposing to your boyfriend with him, only to have him shut you down and warn you that you had better not do that, since it’s ‘his job’. It IS apparently acceptable for your man to criticize one of your female friends for proposing to her boyfriend. It IS apparently acceptable for a woman to put her life on hold while her man ‘figures things out’ in regards to their relationship and eventually proposes to her when he’s decided she’s the best he can get. In fact, “not taking that away from him” is often bragged about amongst these women, worn like some sick badge of honor.

Wtf ladies? It is 2009 right…hold on let me check my calendar, yes indeed it is. Why, in the midst of all the ground we have taken in becoming viewed as equals do we continue to let historical societal norms dictate such a huge part of our lives? Why would you stay with a man that views marriage as something he alone has the right to request, and who would retaliate to your initiative in anger or scorn? Why would you risk so much, put so much on the line just to “wait” for him. Ah yes, “waiting,” enough of a phenomenon to warrant it’s own special board section on Weddingbee.  These aren't stay-at-home moms I'm talking about here, most of the women on these boards are highly educated, med students, lawyers, businesswomen, which makes the whole thing even more baffling to me.  Between my friends and these chicks I’m just at a loss for words. Almost.

Am I wrong? Are there truly strong independent chicks out there with goals and dreams they refuse to give up? Am I hanging around wedding blogs too much? Perhaps they harbor an inordinate amount of the dismal creatures I am complaining about?

My own sex frustrates me to the point of desertion. Can I denounce my sex without becoming a dude?? There is just nothing that I seem to have in common with these walking doormats, these faux “independent” women. After all of this debating within my head about what is right/wrong, normal/abnormal I can only come to one conclusion…

There are two types of women in this world: women with the chutzpah to ask for what they want, and those who let the decisions be made for them. The End.

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