Friday, November 20, 2009

Meet The Vendors - Photographer

FH does not like getting his picture taken, I mean really doesn't.  I've never met anyone who will go to such lengths to avoid a photo.  It's unfortunate, because then he has to get a picture taken he let's the camara know how he feels about it.  So when we first met with our photographer we let him know all about our mutual camara shyness.  I am the type that will let the picture be taken, but make some stupid face to hide (in my mind) my crooked smile. 

I got it into my head that I would do a 40's look for our engagement pictures.  Can't give a reason why, I just think it looks great and the makeup would photograph well.  Couldn't persuade FH to do the same, but then if I did it just wouldn't be us.  All pictures below were captured by Chris Hayes Photography on a beautiful windy day in downtown Harrisburg.

So now meet Chris Hayes, Philadelphia photographer from Australia who managed to capture a hint of smile out of frowny-face FH...

In a the beautiful Civic Club of Harrisburg.

Inside the incredible Capital building rotunda.  There was a wedding taking place 3 floors down!

We went all over the Capital building, finding little treasures like this gorgeous brass elevator.

Love the color in this shot.  Are you digging the 40's look I'm trying for?

Lookin sexy!

Riverfront park in Harrisburg.

Not sure why but this is my favorite shot of the day, I love how we look and the gorgeous weathered copper roof in the background.

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