Monday, November 30, 2009

DIY-Table Number Holders

Whew, 2 Thanksgivings is not good for the ol' booty.  Or the waistline, as you will see in the following post.  Last week I got started on my table number holders.  Since I am not having floral centerpieces I'm really free to play with different textures and colors.  Anything that goes with my plum table runners is fair game.  At first I was all about small footed brass urns or cups, I just love that color.  Unfortunately they are hard to find in the size I need. 
After seeing a few wedding websites with vintage tea tins on the tables I was smitten, and after a few trips to my local Salvation Army store, I was stocked with some cuties. 

Instead of stressing over having everything identical for each table, I'm relishing the diversity.  I'm also taking the advice of another crafty bride and using cool items I have around my home, such as the pretty Chinese porceline tea cups filled with dried lavender. 

I have a set of 2 of those, plus another dried lavender arrangement in a footed antique creamer. 
The cute table number cards have been featured on here before, they are from the fabulous Etsy seller Paper Eclectiques and were a great deal at $8.20 shipped for 8 cards.  I'll use florist card picks to secure the number cards in the floral foam I've squished into each tin.  The tea tins will sport some nice spanish moss to cover the foam and card pick.

What do you think?  Successful DIY?

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